Evaluating your priorities

We will thoroughly discuss your needs and wants before we focus your housing search. Here are some things you can do to prepare for our conversation:

  • Describe the style of house you like: two-story, contemporary, ranch, etc.
  • List your priorities in home features, such as a two- or three-car garage, gourmet kitchen, a family room or a formal dining room.
  • Think about your lifestyle. If you don't like yard work, ask me to show you condominiums, townhouses or garden homes with smaller yards.
  • A neighborhood and area that caters to your needs is an important factor when choosing a home. Consider the identity of the neighborhood. The overall impression given by an area is key to its value.
  • Drive through and around the neighborhoods you're considering. Remember that home value is enhanced by other well-maintained properties. Conversely, be cautious of areas with unkempt yards and homes, and businesses mixed in with residences-unless a home/office combination is a priority.
  • Ask us about the property tax assessment in the area, including any special assessments or any pending bond issues.
  • Get an idea of who lives in the neighborhood by talking with people who live there.
  • Pay attention to neighborhood zoning. Many residential communities are zoned to keep out commercial and industrial users. Ask about other regulations in the neighborhood, such as on-street parking. Find out if the area is governed by any covenants.
  • List which community services are important to you. Do you need to be close to shopping, a school or a mass transit stop?
  • Decide which imperfections you can live with, and which repairs you may be able to make yourself. You may also be able to finance some repairs in your mortgage.