Why use a professional?

There are a lot of real estate agents out there, most of whom are competent, professional, and trustworthy. There are others who are less reliable, and some who are really nothing more than hobbyists at home selling.

We can provide you with every service you should expect from experienced and competent professionals, as well as give you an edge on the market with our targeted, technologically-enhanced marketing system.



We will use our experience and knowledge to:


  1. Help you establish a fair asking price.
  2. Filter out buyers who won't qualify for a mortgage.
  3. Negotiate with the buyer on your behalf.
  4. Refer you to reliable sources for insurance, inspections, legal counsel, and financing.



We will take care of the details you will probably want to avoid:


  1. Advertising your home — We will create, buy, place and monitor the success of your ads.
  2. Scheduling appointments and showing your home to prospective buyers, even when you are not available.
  3. Helping you with the complex and often confusing paperwork involved in the home selling process.


Evaluating a professional

Below are some of the more common distinguishing characteristics you should consider when evaluating any agent that you intend to do business with. You may also have special requirements that will influence your choice of an agent. We will be happy to discuss our own areas of expertise with you, or answer any questions you may have about our own specialties.


Professional specialty

Some agents specialize, or have extensive experience in particular areas. In some cities, agents may specialize in certain housing types (like lofts). Other agents excel in a particular aspect of the selling process. If you want a great negotiator, for instance, you should ask about your agent’s experience making deals. Or, if you are selling a property in the top range of the market, be sure your agent has experience selling homes of similar value.


Local market knowledge

Engaging an agent who isn’t familiar with the geographical area you are selling in is akin to asking your podiatrist to do a triple-bypass. You should make sure your agent is active in your market every day. This is the only way she or he will have an accurate sense of what your home is worth.


Communication style

Although buying and selling a home is a business transaction, it can also be a highly emotional and personal experience. An agent with whom you communicate well will be able to anticipate issues that may concern you—even if you haven’t thought about them yet. Your agent will represent you to other people during the selling process. Make sure you are comfortable with the agent’s style and methods.



It isn’t necessary to hire an agent from a national brokerage house, but you should be sure that the agent you choose has access to the resources you require. Don’t get stuck with an agent who doesn’t have the tools to get the job done.



The best agents are busy. They are respected real estate professionals who take their job seriously and serve their clients well. Make sure that your agent isn’t just dabbling in real estate.

Your agent should have enough time to provide you with the service you need. Your agent should be always available - providing timely listing information to buyers, and actively promoting your home.

Don't hesitate to ask us for information about any of these areas. We are as interested in you are in making sure we will work together successfully, and to our mutual benefit.