Working together

Buyers want details. All the important details about your home will be available to buyers via my 24-hour-a-day marketing system. We will help you gather and compile the information buyers need:


  1. A legal description of your property.
  2. The number and size of the rooms.
  3. A list of items not attached to the house that you're offering for sale, such as window treatments, carpet, fixtures, swing sets, etc.
  4. Past utility bills, property taxes and insurance.
  5. Information about your mortgage, including type, terms, and if assumable.
  6. Financing assistance available, possibly through your own lender.
  7. Any liens against the property.
  8. If you live in a condominium or a townhouse, a copy of the association's declaration, bylaws, and financial statement, monthly fees and special assessments.
  9. Special items or improvements on the house (we’ll identify anything that may not be apparent on a walk-through.)
  10. A list of what you like about living in the home.
  11. An list of all the desirable aspects of your neighborhood, such as demographic information, proximity to services, shopping, schools, etc.
  12. Any defects that aren't apparent.

Once this information is collected, we will make certain it reaches the people who need it, and need it right away: qualified, interested buyers!