We will hire a professional to design the main image for our brochures:

          Our services include having a professional photographer or artist to help us to get the best possible views of your home.  We will schedule the appointment and meet the photographer/artist at your property.  We believe that your property deserves to be shown in the best possible light and that this can best be accomplished by bringing in a professional. Our artist has produced numerous exquisite images for use in marketing our clients’ homes.


We will have the layout of the home and property drawn for the reverse of the flyer:

          They will also figure out the square footage of the property.  We will then take this information and print a diagram of the floor plan on the reverse of the brochure.  Not only does this help the potential buyer remember the layout of the home, but it allows them to go home and visualize how they would live and arrange their furniture in their future home.


We will prepare professional color brochures for both inside your home, and for the brochure box on the yard sign:

          Using the designer image and the floor plan of your home we will then custom design beautiful color photo brochures and have them printed on Premium Laser card stock with the highest brightness of white.  These beautiful brochures will not only be available inside your home but will also be in the brochure box on the yard sign.  We do not use some ugly black and white Xerox copy of the brochure for interested people to pick up.  This is the first image some people have of your home.  Do you want it in Color on the best paper available, or do you want just a black & white photocopy that may or may not be legible?