Strategies to Maximize Your Return
For most people, their home is their biggest asset. That means, when they sell it, they should get the best deal possible. Over time we have developed multiple strategies which we employ to ensure that your home receives the utmost exposure and you receive the maximum return on your investment. Here are a few of those strategies. 


Strategy for our Superior Customer Service Commitment

One of our most unique strategies is that we only take on three active listings at a time.  This allows us the time we need to fully dedicate ourselves to helping you in every possible way.  We are committed to our clients fully and believe communication is key. 


Pricing Strategies

Don’t price too high.

We are currently in a market where buyers expect to pay over list.  In order to receive the most showings and to generate the most interest which in turn will bring in the most offers you need to price your home accordingly.  You need more people to come in with offers in order to get the one or two buyers who have the big money to step up and go higher.


Timing Strategies

We will not put your home on the MLS the day you sign the listing with us.  We will wait until the optimum time when your new listing will receive the most exposure and traffic from the web and from the general public.  We will also find out all the information possible about other listings in the area that are on the market and we will time our listing to take full advantage of theirs. 


Strategies for Taking offers

We make sure any interested party has full access to our disclosure packet.  This enables a buyer to be fully informed about the property before they write their offer—this minimized the chance of the sale falling through due to an unknown condition arising.

We do not discourage anyone from writing an offer.  We do not demand that they be on a certain form, or to be written “as-is”, or to be non-contingent.  We feel that with more offers coming in the more serious bidders will be willing to increase their offers, and the higher your end price will be.